LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on ‘Content Marketing in Times of Uncertainty’ !!

LinkedIn has Published a new guide  which looks at the key content and advertising elements that brands should be focused on amid COVID-19.With the consumer focus changing, and brands looking to follow-suit, it can be difficult to know about what your business should be communicating, and how, within the current environment. LinkedIn’s guide aims to provide some pointers, with a range of expert tips and notes based on past situations.

As explained by LinkedIn: “In times of uncertainty, a strong content marketing strategy is about having a long-term plan to drive growth for your business. The initial shock is over, so now it’s time to plot a course for recovery. That’s why boosting your share of voice, brand awareness and trust in your business are all so important. Building and maintaining customer relationships will continue to pay-off as the world begins to adjust over the coming months.”

As noted, that a guide covers a range of key points related to marketing within a changed environment, including how brands have seen success in that similar times.LinkedIn also includes an overview of its various ad products, and how they can be used to maximize your outreach process. There’s a heap of handy pointers and considerations here – and while it’s much as you would expect from a platform that wants to keep you posting and advertising, there are lot of relevant points, which, again, are based on the experiences of people who’ve dealt with similar downturns in the past.The impacts of COVID-19 will vary significantly for each business, and the capacity to implement many of these initiatives may well be out of your hands. But for those that are looking at how they can best respond, and set themselves up for recovery, this is a helpful guide to have, with a range of key tips on LinkedIn’s products.


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