Machine learning could be accessible to the nonexperts: Research says

Award-winning research from the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science explains “How inexperienced individuals can efficiently and ethically use machine learning algorithms” to encourage industries to harness the power of artificial intelligence.

As machine learning has joined numerous fields and industries traditionally outside of computing, the requirement for research and effective, convenient tools to facilitate new users in leveraging artificial intelligence is unprecedented.

We don’t know much about how nonexperts in machine learning come to learn algorithmic tools,” said Swati Mishra, a PhD student in the field of information science. “The reason is that there’s a hype that’s developed that suggests machine learning is for the obtained. “Mishra is one among the authors of “Designing Interactive Transfer Learning Tools for ML Non-Experts,” which earned the Best Paper Award at the annual ACM CHI Virtual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, held in May.

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