Meta Empowers Indian Startups and Developers with Mixed Reality Program

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has unveiled its latest initiative in India with the launch of a Mixed Reality Program. The program offers a grant of $250,000 (approximately Rs 2,05,07,050) to Indian startups and developers to encourage the creation of apps and experiences on Meta’s Presence Platform.

Meta’s Presence Platform comprises machine perception and AI capabilities designed for the Meta Quest Platform and the realization of the company’s vision of the Metaverse. With this grant, Meta aims to foster innovation and cultivate an ecosystem of extended reality technologies in India.

Through the program, up to five Indian developers and startups will receive financial support as well as mentoring and guidance from experts at Meta’s Reality Labs. Participants will also have the opportunity to join Meta’s developer ecosystem and showcase their products on the Quest App Lab. Moreover, selected startups will be introduced to prominent local venture capital funds upon completion of the program.

This announcement by Meta follows closely on the heels of Apple’s announcement of its foray into the mixed reality space with the upcoming release of its Vision Pro headset, scheduled for 2024.

According to Sandhya Devanathan, Vice President for India at Meta, the country is expected to have the world’s largest developer base by 2024. The establishment of this fund and program reflects Meta’s recognition of the need to nurture innovation and emerging technologies in India.

Meta’s Presence Platform encompasses a suite of technologies and design elements aimed at assisting developers in creating immersive Mixed Reality experiences that seamlessly blend virtual content with the physical world. Some capabilities of the Presence Platform have already been incorporated into popular apps on the Meta Quest, highlighting its potential for transforming the way users interact with digital content.

The launch of Meta’s Mixed Reality Program in India signifies the company’s commitment to investing in the country’s talent and technological advancements. By empowering local startups and developers, Meta is not only fostering innovation but also laying the foundation for the future of Mixed Reality in India’s growing tech ecosystem.

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