National Cyber Security Coordinator, Lt Gen M U Nai Addresses GAISA 4.0, Highlights Urgency for Advanced Cybersecurity

  • Lieutenant General M U Nair, AVSM, SM, National Cyber Security Coordinator, delivered a keynote address at GAISA 4.0, shedding light on the evolving cybersecurity landscape and the role of advanced technologies in combating cyber threats.
  • General Nair emphasized the necessity of a holistic cybersecurity approach, advocating for increased awareness and literacy to counter the dynamic challenges posed by AI-driven threats.
  • The speech explored the applications of generative AI in fortifying security operations and forensics, providing valuable insights to industry experts, policymakers, and cybersecurity professionals in attendance.

New Delhi, 26-01-2024: Lieutenant General M U Nair, AVSM, SM, the National Cyber Security Coordinator, took center stage at GAISA 4.0, delivering a keynote address that provided profound insights into the contemporary challenges and strategic advancements in the field of cybersecurity. With a focus on harnessing advanced technologies to combat evolving cyber threats, General Nair’s presentation served as a beacon for industry professionals, policymakers, and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

During his address, General Nair navigated the audience through the intricate landscape of cyber threats, shedding light on the increasing sophistication of cybercrimes. His discourse emphasized the urgency for adopting cutting-edge technologies to effectively counteract these dynamic challenges. Engaging with the audience, he explored the nuances of AI-driven malicious content and contemplated the potential applications of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) infrastructures in military contexts.

The session extended beyond technical aspects, with General Nair advocating for comprehensive cyber education initiatives, especially at the grassroots level. He underscored the need for bridging the technological literacy gap and empowering individuals with essential cybersecurity knowledge.

Delving into the realm of generative AI, General Nair elucidated its role in fortifying cybersecurity efforts. He provided clarity on practical applications for enhancing security operations and forensics. Responding to queries about the deployment of large language models, General Nair outlined the military’s strategic focus on quantized models for practical and efficient deployment on standard devices.

As GAISA 4.0 continues to serve as a dynamic platform for interdisciplinary discussions at the intersection of artificial intelligence and security, General Nair’s keynote contribution stands as a pivotal moment in advancing collective cybersecurity understanding.

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