Digital India Bhashini CEO, Amitabh Nag, Unveils Ambitious National Language Translation Mission at GAISA 4.0


Amitabh Nag (CEO of Digital India Bhashini) unveils a groundbreaking initiative to tackle language barriers at GAISA 4.0.

Nag emphasizes the unique collaboration involving 70 research institutes, spanning the educational and private sectors.

He unveiled plans for AI applications in education and collaboration, promising inclusive and innovative solutions.


New Delhi,25-01-2024: Amitabh Nag, CEO of Digital India Bhashini operating under the Ministry of Electronics & IT, Government of India, took center stage at the Global AI Summit & Awards 4.0 (GAISA), delivering a visionary address that unveiled transformative insights into the National Language Translation Mission.

In his compelling speech, Amitabh Nag initiated introducing the National Language Translation Mission, a comprehensive initiative announced by the Finance Minister two years ago. “The program is an end-to-end solution for translation, with a mission to transcend the language barrier,” emphasized Nag. What set the initiative apart was the unprecedented collaboration involving 70 research institutes across the nation, spanning educational institutions, private entities, and more. Nag highlighted, “This is one of the largest initiatives of having research institutes collaborate to solve an age-old language problem.

The CEO outlined specific challenges addressed, including automatic speech recognition, text-to-text translation, text-to-speech translation, and optical character recognition. He stressed the unique approach of dividing these challenges into eight buckets, each assigned to consortiums formed by the participating institutes. Demonstrating a commitment to transparency and innovation, Nag shared, “Most of these models, as well as the data, have been open-sourced.” This move aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem and accelerate advancements in language technology.

Nag elaborated on how the AI models developed under this initiative were integrated into the National Hub of Language Technology. “These AI models are rendered as a service, enabling real-time translations through API calls,” he explained.

The forward-looking vision of Nag underscored a strategic focus on speech and voice-to-voice communication. “Our focus is on speech and voice-to-voice communication, as that’s where we feel inclusivity and empowerment would come,” Nag outlined.

In his forward-looking stance, Nag expressed a focus on speech and voice communication, aiming for inclusivity and empowerment. He revealed experiments with AI technology involving Prime Minister Modi interacting in Hindi with Tamil students via translations. Nag highlighted the democratization of AI technology, welcoming student contributions, and stressed collaboration across domains to refine language solutions for diverse sectors.

Looking ahead, Nag revealed upcoming initiatives involving the application of AI in various domains, including education and collaboration, to offer inclusive and innovative solutions. Amitabh Nag’s compelling speech at GAISA 4.0 organized by AICRA not only highlighted the strides made in language technology but also underscored Digital India Bhashini’s commitment to driving transformative changes through AI.

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