OnePlus Buds Pro: a surprise revealed

The OnePlus company is going to leave everyone in awe with the launch of their high-end ear buds this year. While the company created a wave with their latest announcement, Gadget lovers are waiting for more details including price.

OnePlus says, the new BudsPro will have adaptive noise cancellation and the it’s earbuds can monitor exterior noises and produce noise-canceling counter frequencies. The BudsPro will have a battery life of “long 28 hours” with adaptive noise cancellation enabled, or “up to 38 hours” if it is turned off. The gadget is approaching us with a new battery charging technology inspired from the advantage of warp charge feature. A 10 minutes recharge of the Earbuds will give you 10 hours of battery life, says OnePlus

OnePlus always aims at creating best user experience. The introduction of BudsPro is expected to bring a different and better level to digital entertainment experience.

The launch event of new Earbuds is on July 22, where it is also set to announce its new Nord 2 phone.

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