Pinterest shares techniques to help you make excellent video ads !!

If you’re scrambling for ideas to make thumb-stopping video content, Pinterest may have a few, okay , techniques to help you make video ads that stand out on the platform. Pinterest says that video views on the platform have increased threefold over the last year. To make your videos visually standout, Pinterest advises playing with perspective, white space, color, movement, motion, and depth to make your content feel alive.

Pinners love video. In 2020, video views on the platform have increased more than 3x over the previous year.

Unlike a typical single-column feed, it delivers four to five Pins on mobile at a time to maximize inspiration. To capture Pinners’ attention, it’s important to create ideas that aren’t just relevant and useful, but also visually playful.

This means playing with perspective, white space, color, movement, motion and depth to make your ideas feel alive and of the moment. When you nail it, you’ll reach through the feed and shatter expectations of what people thought they’d see on Pinterest.

As you develop ideas, we recommend using one of our  “breakthrough” video techniques. Here are two great examples of these animation techniques in action:

This technique can be easily accomplished by slightly shrinking your creative to allow for some marginal white space—and in turn, letting elements bleed across those edges to create the feeling of perspective. In some cases, this technique can be used to create space for your creative to move, shake and rattle within the feed.

This technique uses perspective to create additional dimensions to animate within. Receding or pivoting motion creates an illusion of depth that people or objects can emerge from. By combining a few different perspectives, you’ll create a dreamy, captivating Pin.


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