PM Modi at Smart India Hackathon 2020: Data-driven solutions boost Indian healthcare sector, says prime minister !!

While addressing the Smart India Hackathon 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 1 said that the data-driven solution is bringing about a huge change in the healthcare sector in India as wel. “Even those in remote villages can get affordable and world-class health service,” the prime minister said while interacting with students. While addressing students after a brief interaction with them, the prime minister also spoke about the New Education Policy 2020. “India’s education should become more modern and India’s talent gets more opportunities. NEP was announced some days back, this policy will be address the thinking and hopes of the 21st century student,” PM Modi said, adding that India’s education system is now being transformed via a systematic reform.

“For five years, there were debates and discussions regarding this policy. This is not just a policy document but this is a reflection of aspirations of more than 130 crore Indians,” PM Modi said. “This hackathon is not the first problem you have tried solving nor the last. I want to youngsters not to stop doing three things: learning, questioning and solving,” the prime minister said. “We are shifting from the burden of the schoolbag to the boon of learning which helps for the life. From simply memorising to critical thinking,” PM Modi said. PM Modi said that the NEP 2020 will also ensure that the Indian languages will also develop and in turn help the nation come together more.

“Languages of India will progress and develop further due to the changes brought in the education policy. This will not only increase India’s knowledge but will also increase its unity,” the prime minister said. While interacting with the students earlier, PM Modi also added that in order to make the facilities, effective, interactive and people-friendly, Artificial Intelligence can be a huge facilitator. The prime minister, while talking about a reusable menstrual hygiene product, stated that awareness about women’s hygiene came late in India. The hackathon is a nationwide initiative to provide students with a platform to solve some of the pressing problems people who faces in daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem-solving. The first edition of Smart India Hackathon in 2017 saw the participation of 42,000 students, which increased to one lakh in 2018 and to two lakh in 2019.

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