PM Narendra Modi pitches for UN reforms, says it should reflect today’s realities !!

New Delhi: Pitching strongly for India’s permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it is time that the United Nations reflects the ground realities of the contemporary world.

In his address to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), PM Modi said while the path to sustainable existence is through multilateralism, but multilateralism “needs to reflect the reality of our contemporary world”. He said that only a reformed multilateralism with a reformed United Nations as it centre can meet the aspirations of humanity.

“As we are celebrating 75 years of the United Nations, let us pledge to reform that the global multilateral system to enhance its relevance, to improve its effectiveness and make it the basis of a new type of human-centric globalisation,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. He said the United Nations was originally formed for the furies of the Second World War. “Today, the fury of the coronavirus pandemic provides the context for its rebirth and reform. Let us not lose this chance.”

Speaking about the country’s role in the United Nations, PM Modi said, “India has been an  elected to the UN Security Council at a very important time. With our deep commitment to maintaining global harmony, improving social-economical equity, and to preserving nature’s balance, India will play its role in full support of the UN agenda.”

“As children of planet earth, we must join hands to address our common challenges and achieve our common goals. However, multilateralism needs to reflect the reality of our contemporary world,” PM Narendra Modi said. In his pitch for UN reforms, the Prime Minister said only reformed multilateralism and a reformed United Nations as its centre can meet the aspirations of humanity.”Today,  while celebrating the 75th year of the UN, let us pledge to reform the global multilateralism system,” the Prime Minister said while also pointing out that this is an occasion to recognize the UN’s contributions to human progress.

He added, “India was among the 50 founding members of the United Nations immediately after the Second World War. A lot has changed since then. Today the UN brings together 193 member countries.” PM Narendra Modi also reiterated India’s active support to the UN’s Development work and ECOSOC. He said during his address, “The first president of ECOSOC was an Indian. India also contributed to shaping the ECOSOC agenda.”

During his 14-minute address, the Prime Minister also said, “Be it earthquakes, cyclones, Ebola crisis or any other natural or man-made crisis, India has responded with speed and solidarity. In our joint fight against COVID, we have extended medical and other assistance to over 150 countries.” He went on to mention India’s initiative to set up the International Solar Alliance and the Coalition for Disaster Resilience Infrastructure.


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