Qualcomm to develop next gen chips to compete with apple

Qualcomm’s new chips for PC are being designed by the Nuvia team, which it acquired earlier this year.

The Nuvia team was founded by former Apple engineers with a background in chip design.

Qualcomm plans to challenge Apple with its next-generation processors in 2023. Furthermore, the chipmaker is counting on a group of ex-Apple engineers to develop new processors for Windows PCs that can match the performance of M-series Chipsets.

Qualcomm, located in the United States, has been attempting to catch up with Apple’s A-series Bionic chipsets for years, but benchmarks reveal that there is still a significant difference. Qualcomm now wants to develop ARM-based chips that can compete with Apple M-series Intel chips in Windows laptops.

Interestingly, Qualcomm will employ Nuvia, a company that specialises in chip design, that it just acquired, to build a solution for Windows. The announcement was made during Qualcomm Investor Day 2021. The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr James Thompson, revealed that the new ARM-based chips for the Windows ecosystem will be ready for OEMs almost nine months before the commercial launch in 2023.

Qualcomm paid $1.4 billion for Nuvia, which had three former Apple employees who worked on the company’s Bionic mobile chipsets, which power iPhones and iPads.
Qualcomm’s CEO, Cristiano Amon, revealed in July this year that the dominant mobile chipmaker planned to make a mark in the consumer PC arena with its chips.

While Qualcomm ARM-based chips may take some time to launch before being tested by specialists to discover how fast or equal they are to Apple M1 Chips. However, the chipmaker knows how to make headlines by claiming that it will transfer its 5G capabilities to laptop chips. It’s worth noting that until recently, Apple hasn’t added LTE or 5G connectivity to any M-series chipsets.

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