Restrict your google assistant from hearing everything you say.

We live in a world where smart devices conquer most of the time by conveniently involving in our daily tasks. They listen to us, obey us, and offer help with a variety of everyday tasks. But if you are a person who enjoys privacy a bit more, then you should restrict google assistant from listening to everything you say.

Google assistants are sensitive towards voice cues or sometimes you just need to be alone. Whatever the reason, you can turn off Google Assistant in a few quick steps.

Begin with the google app & then Open up the More menu by pressing on the three dots in the bottom right. Select Assistant Settings, then tap general. You’ll be able to turn Google Assistant on or off from there.

If you want to get rid of the google assistant forever, then you may delete your Google Assistant’s history and turn it off. Delete the google assistant history by navigating to the Google Assistant Activity page. Select the “Delete Activity” & Choose the date range for clearing history, if you want to delete the entire history, select All time. Finally hit confirm.

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