Start-up’s…A vision to grow with other’s

For anyone to grow, it requires a perfect place and environment, Things can be changed in a few seconds it just takes courage and risk to be taken by an individual.

Today, with Stand-Up India moto Startups have taken a boom to grow as somebody’s passion or somebody’s need or somebody’s desire.

AICRA as established in 2014 continuously tries to devote itself to the growth of Individuals by providing various courses and organizing events to provide a place to be explored by people for their sake.

This year AICRA decided to organize India’s Fist Tech Startups award to provide the best way for startups to interact with Angel investors / Buyers at one place Face-to-Face. In India, we have many AgriTech that provide our Farmer’s technologies in a simplified manner in many ways whether it may be by providing delivery of basic services or advanced technologies that simplify their
day-to-day work, many of them focus on the production of certain items that enhance the production process over time.

At the same time if we focus on HealthTech they all are devoted to simplifying the process of getting medical facilities up to an individual level, some of them focusing on enhancing the level of services that are to be delivered at the individual level for medications, etc.-

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