Technoxian Drone Challenge: Taking Flight into the Future of Innovation


Drone technology has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, transforming various industries with its applications. Technoxian WRC is having its 7th season and the drone challenge is one of the highly anticipated competitions of Technoxian.

This competition serves as a platform for students to learn, explore, and evolve their skills while showcasing their creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, and passion for drones. With a focus on building aerodynamically stable drones, the challenge pushes participants to their limits, offering them an opportunity to win recognition and prizes while contributing to the ever-expanding drone industry.

Competition Format and Details:

TechnoXian’s Drone Challenge is set to take place from July 25th to 27th. The competition attracts 300 teams from different age groups under 24, consisting of 1 drone per team. Participants have the option to compete individually or form teams of 2 to 10 members, representing their schools, colleges, universities, or vocational institutions. The registration fee for Indian residents is INR 2950 per challenge, while non-Indian residents pay USD 50 per team.

The challenge revolves around constructing a drone within specific dimensions of 75cm x 75cm x 75cm (L x B x H) and weighing less than 2kg. Participants are required to build an original drone design rather than using ready-made drone kits. The construction, design, and innovation of the drones are evaluated in the initial stages of the competition.

The Drone Challenge consists of four rounds, each focusing on different aspects of drone performance and skills. The competition evaluates the smoothness of takeoff and landing, control accuracy, stability, and maneuverability of the drones. The top 15 teams from the elimination round progress to the final round, where they compete for the ultimate prize.

Categories and Prizes:

The Drone Challenge features several categories that test participants’ abilities in various areas:

1. Round 1: Takeoff and Landing: Teams must complete a challenge involving taking off from a specific location and landing within a predetermined circular spot. The smoothness of the takeoff and landing, control accuracy, and timing are crucial factors in scoring.

2. Round 2: Dance Performance: Three to four teams are selected to perform a synchronized drone dance within a designated flying area. The teams are evaluated based on the number and complexity of their acts performed within a five-minute flight.

3. Round 3: Search and Rescue Task: Teams must execute a search and rescue operation by using their drones to pick up food packets and drop them at a rescue area. Additionally, the drones must identify casualties, pick up a body, and drop it at a designated rescue camp.

4. Round 4: Drone Prix: The final round tests the stability and control of the drones as they navigate through various hurdles and complete the circuit in the shortest time possible. Points are awarded for each hurdle and are based on flight control and completion time.

The winning teams receive attractive cash prizes, with INR 60,000 awarded to the first-place team, INR 25,000 to the second-place team, and INR 15,000 to the third-place team.

TechnoXian’s Drone Challenge provides a dynamic platform for students to showcase their technical skills, innovation, and creativity in the field of drone technology. With its emphasis on teamwork, critical thinking, and enjoyment, the competition nurtures talent and encourages participants to explore the endless possibilities offered by drones.

By organizing this event, Technoxian plays a crucial role in promoting the growth of the drone industry and inspiring the next generation of drone enthusiasts and professionals. The competition fosters a spirit of innovation and sets the stage for participants.

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