TechnoXian WRC 7.0 Showcases Thrilling Robo Race Competitions – Junior and Senior Racers Take the Lead

The roar of robotic engines filled the air as the 7th Season of TechnoXian World Robotics Championship (WRC) witnessed adrenaline-pumping races in the Jr. and Sr. Robo Race competitions. Organized by the All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA), the races were a testament to the technical prowess and racing skills of the young and senior participants.

The Jr. Robo Race competition was a spectacle of youthful energy and enthusiasm. Esperanza claimed the Winner (1st) position with a remarkable performance in racing robots. Their agile and swift robots skillfully maneuvered through the race track, impressing the audience and judges alike. The display of technical finesse and strategic racing by Esperanza showcased the immense potential of young minds in shaping the future of robotics and automation.

KNP 4 secured the Runner-Up (2nd) position in the Jr. Robo Race, showcasing fast and agile robots in the racing competition. Their determination and precision in racing demonstrated the dedication of young racers to pushing the boundaries of technology. KNP 4’s impressive racing abilities added a competitive edge to the competition, making it an exhilarating experience for all.

Roboodisha achieved the 2nd Runners-Up (3rd) position, leaving a lasting impression with their expertise in racing robots. Their robots navigated through the track with skill and precision, displaying the team’s commitment to innovation and creativity in the field of robotics. Roboodisha’s strong racing performance further solidified the importance of nurturing young talent and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills.

In the Sr. Robo Race, experienced racers proved their mettle on the track, captivating the audience with their racing prowess. Snergy claimed the Winner (1st) position, displaying exceptional racing skills and securing the top spot. Their robots’ seamless performance showcased the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to the field of robotics.

 Raybot 2 showcased competitive racing abilities, securing the Runner-Up (2nd) position in the Sr. Robo Race. Their robots displayed a perfect blend of speed and control, leaving spectators in awe of their precision on the race track. Raybot 2’s performance highlighted the significance of continuous learning and innovation in the ever-evolving world of robotics.

Terrobull Robotics achieved the 2nd Runners-Up (3rd) position with their strong racing performance. Their robots charged through the track with tenacity, proving that age and experience are no barriers to innovation and excellence. Terrobull Robotics’ success inspired young and seasoned participants alike, reaffirming the spirit of competition and camaraderie in the world of robotics.

The Robo Race competitions at TechnoXian WRC 7.0 were a thrilling showcase of technical brilliance, innovation, and sportsmanship. Participants from different age groups demonstrated the limitless possibilities of robotics, inspiring a new generation of engineers and racers to shape the future of technology. The All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA) celebrated the winners and all participants for their remarkable contributions, fostering an environment of learning, growth, and advancement in the field of robotics and automation.



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