TechnoXian WRC 7.0 Showcases Thrilling Water Rocket Competition

The water rocket competition at the 7th Season of TechnoXian World Robotics Championship (WRC) soared to new heights of excitement and innovation. Organized by the All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA), the event witnessed participants’ ingenuity in crafting water rockets that defied gravity and pushed the boundaries of technology.

The Water Rocket competition at TechnoXian WRC 7.0 drew enthusiastic participants from various clubs and teams, each vying to showcase their engineering prowess. Spectators were treated to a breathtaking display of rocket launches as the contestants unleashed their creations into the sky. The competition demonstrated the participants’ determination and passion for robotics and automation, inspiring young minds to explore the realms of science and technology.

While the competition was intense, with rockets reaching impressive heights and showcasing various designs, it was Shrika Nambiar from Manav Rachna Club who ultimately emerged victorious. Her water rocket design stood out for its precision and performance, earning her the coveted championship title. Purujit Padhi’s Roboodisha secured the runner-up position, closely followed by Samay Shetty’s Metal Busters as the 2nd runners-up.

The Water Rocket competition at TechnoXian WRC 7.0 showcased the potential of robotics and engineering to captivate and inspire, leaving both participants and spectators in awe of the possibilities that lie ahead in the world of robotics.

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