Technoxian WRC Bots Combat: Designing and Building Competent Robots for Battle

Robotic combat has always fascinated enthusiasts, pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering. In an exciting endeavor, the ” Technoxian WRC Bots Combat” tournament challenges participants to design and build wireless robots capable of engaging in fierce battles. The aim is to cause maximum damage or push the opponent’s robot off the arena to score points and emerge as the champion. With over 300 teams set to participate, this competition promises thrilling encounters and showcases the innovative prowess of robotics enthusiasts.

The tournament, organized by the All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) and the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt of India, offers an opportunity for both institutions and independent teams to demonstrate their skills and expertise. It features two participation categories based on the gross weight of the robot, allowing a diverse range of competitors to join the action.

Participants can form teams consisting of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 members, representing institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, or vocational institutions. Registration for the competition is conducted online on the official technician website, ensuring a streamlined process for teams to enter.

To showcase their readiness and passion for participation, teams are required to create a 1-5 minute video (maximum 100 MB) highlighting their preparations, creativity, and enthusiasm. The top 5 videos with the maximum views will receive special recognition during the tournament. This platform offers participants an opportunity to demonstrate their dedication and commitment to the world of robotics.

In the competition, each team is tasked with building a wireless bot capable of engaging in combat. The robot’s purpose is to push, throw, flip, hit, drag, or maneuver the opponent out of the battle ring within the allocated time. As per the rules and specifications provided, the participating bots must be controlled remotely and fit inside a 100 centimeters wide and 100 centimeters high cube at the beginning of each battle. While there are no size constraints once the battle starts, intentional detachment of any part is not allowed, and repeated breakage may lead to penalties or disqualification.

The competition features three weight categories: under 15kg, under 30kg, and under 60kg. The weight of the bot, including the battery, must fall within the specified range for each category, with a weight tolerance of ±10%. Weight measurements are conducted during the inspection before the start of the competition.

Certain weight exclusions are considered, such as safety covers, restraints, small cameras, or telemetry packages, which do not contribute to the bot’s overall weight. Additionally, teams have the option to include additional decorations, as long as they comply with the guidelines provided. These decorations should not exceed 2kg in weight, should not serve as protection or weapons, and should not pose any fouling hazards.

During the battles, referees play a crucial role in determining the winners based on various criteria. These criteria include damage inflicted on the opponent, aggression displayed by the team, and control demonstrated over the robot. Each factor is assigned a specific point value, and the judging process ensures a fair and balanced assessment of the battles.

The tournament offers a substantial reward for the winning teams, with a total of INR 400,000 up for grabs. The prize distribution is divided among the three weight categories, with the top-ranking teams receiving recognition and financial incentives for their outstanding performance.

The WRC Bots Combat tournament will take place at the Noida Indoor Stadium, located in Noida-Delhi/NCR, India. Participants from both India and other countries can register for the competition, with a nominal registration fee of INR 2950 for Indian residents and USD 50 for non-Indian residents.

For participants requiring accommodation, inquiries regarding Hospitality Partners can be made by contacting the provided phone number: +917835053333.

This highly anticipated tournament provides a platform for robotics enthusiasts to showcase their skills, innovation, and competitive spirit. With the opportunity to battle against other talented teams, participants can engage in a thrilling experience while pushing the boundaries of robotic combat. The WRC Bots Combat tournament is set to captivate audiences, highlight the advancement of robotics, and inspire the next generation of engineers and technologists.

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