Telegram now lets new users sign up with anonymous number

  • WhatsApp and Signal require personal mobile numbers to log into the platform.
  • Telegram says users can log in without their numbers.
  • But they’ll need to purchase an anonymous phone number on Fragment.

Telegram, WhatsApp’s rival, has announced an update that will allow new users to sign up without a SIM card. According to the company, the feature prioritises privacy, and users can log in with a blockchain-powered anonymous number available on the Fragment platform. If users are not comfortable sharing their own phone numbers, they will need to purchase an anonymous phone number on Fragment. It gives Telegram a slight advantage over WhatsApp and Signal, which both require personal mobile numbers for OTP to log in. To use the feature, go to Get Started, Start Messaging, enter the number from Fragment, and enter the platform’s verification code.

Telegram’s new update also includes new features. Users, for example, can now have all chats deleted automatically. Since 2013, the messaging platform has offered self-destructing messages. It allows users to delete messages from both sides without leaving a trace. They can also use auto-delete timers to clean up individual chats after a certain amount of time.

To use the feature that deletes all chats automatically, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Auto-Delete Messages. The timer will be automatically applied to all new chats with users, regardless of who initiates them. It also applies to new groups.

Other new features include Topics 2.0 to give group admins to sort group topics into multiple threads to organise them better. Telegram users that have a public username can generate QR codes to quickly connect with people around them. The platform now lets you generate a temporary QR code if you don’t have a username and are hiding your phone number from everyone.

iPhone Telegram users additionally can now search for emojis that were already available on the Android client. Telegram says if an emoji keyword is missing, then users can head to the Translation Platform to suggest a change. Users can type keywords like ‘happy’ or ‘smile’ at the start of a message to see emoji suggestions based on.

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