Tesla announces AI day focused to persuade experts in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence to work with them.

The event is set to begin on August 19th at Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California. According to an invitation acquired by Electrek, it would include “a lecture by Elon, hardware and software demos from Tesla engineers, Model S Plaid test drives, and more.” The event, like Battery Day, will be live-streamed on Tesla’s website, providing investors, the media, and the company’s many fans with an up-close peek at what’s in the works.

Musk and other business executives are scheduled to offer updates on the progress of Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) beta version 9, which began reaching more customers this summer. We may also learn more about Tesla’s “Dojo” supercomputer, neural network training, and the manufacture of its FSD computer chips. According to the invitation, there will also be “an inside peek at what’s next for AI at Tesla outside our car fleet.”

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