The cassie robot made history by running 5km

The robot named Cassie developed by the OSU spinout company has made the headlines by traversing 5 kilometres in just 53 minutes. Cassie, the first bipedal robot was launched in 2017.

Hurst the co-founder says” The dynamic robotics laboratory students in the OSU College of engineering combined expertise  from biomechanics and existing robot control approaches with new machine learning tools.”

Cassie used deep reinforcement learning algorithm to develop the ability to run. The algorithm is a powerful method in AI that enables robots to develop skills like running, skipping, and walking up and downstairs.

“Cassie is a very efficient robot because of how it has been designed and built, and we were able to reach the limits of the hardware and show what it can do,” said Jeremy Dao, a Ph.D. student in the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory.

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