Twitter accidentally tells iOS users they can limit replies to their tweets !!

Twitter’s iOS app users saw an update on Wednesday that they could now limit who gets to reply to their tweets. However, it looks like Twitter made a mistake here. This new feature of being able to limit replies to tweets has been under testing since it May this year and it looked like Twitter has pushed out an update to the iPhone version of app that suggested that it was being more widely rolled out.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge that they had accidentally pushed incorrect release notes and that that feature was not rolling out more widely, for now at least. The update text on the App Store said that in May Twitter was testing a new way to chat on the platform and users to speak to exactly who they wanted so as to create and consume more meaningful exchanges. The update added that now everyone can try this feature and choose who can reply to their tweets.

The Twitter spokesperson said that this ‘misconception’ was due to the fact that had accidentally pushed release note and that this new ability to limit replies to tweets was not currently available to everyone. It is not clear yet if this feature has been expanded to more users yet with the latest update but it appears that Twitter is still testing the limit reply feature before it officially that makes it available for everyone.

If you do have access to the new feature, you can use it by tapping the box above the keyboard when you are composing your tweet that says ‘Everyone can reply’ and then pick between three options – Everyone, only people you follow or only people that  mentioned in the tweet. If you choose one of the options that it does not make it a default setting for future tweets, you can alter that every time you tweet, even on that particular thread.

While this is one of Twitter’s which is more awaited features of the year, the reaction to limiting replies has been mixed. It can be the perfect way to avoid trolling and harassment on the platform but it also limits conversations in a way that has been considered to be ‘counterintuitive’ to how Twitter functions.


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