Virtual or in Real, we have got you covered with an exciting list of Tech startup events or conclaves happening soon in 2021 & 2022

As a media agency reporting all the latest updates related to startups, we know how challenging it is for budding entrepreneurs to survive. Establishing a startup is not at all a cakewalk. Startup conferences are an excellent way to meet like-minded people, attract investors, and get things going. They’ll open a whole universe of new ideas, offers, and industry pro-tips. Such gatherings are an important part of the startup ecosystem.
Now let’s have a look at some of the intriguing startup events.


The Startup conclave is an ambitious initiative organized by the All India Council for robotics and automation (AICRA) and supported by the Ministry of electronics and information technology that encourages technology startups and AICRA members to collaborate and create fruitful partnerships that greatly benefits both parties. This is an excellent platform for budding startups to meet industry experts and gain valuable knowledge to drive business growth. The conclave brings together the best breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, government department representatives, business model creators, consultants, policymakers, academicians, support groups, business coaches, and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation and success to grow youth empowerment and new-age tech business ideas.

The conclave also recognizes and honors individuals/organizations in the area of innovation. Do visit the AICRA website for further details on the INDIA FIRST TECH STARTUP CONCLAVE & AWARDS 2022

Scheduled date of event: 17th & 18th of February 2022

Global impact week

The goal of the GLOBAL IMPACT WEEK startup conference is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, broaden opportunities, and explore and promote sustainable development solutions. The event brings together thousands of investors, innovators, politicians, and mass media representatives. The expected number of participants is 100K. The GLOBAL IMPACT WEEK startup conference allows for 1:1 online meetings. You’ll be able to communicate with top digital economy leaders, global innovators, investors, tech leaders, and other entrepreneurs, as well as influencers in the digital and IT industries.

Scheduled date of event: 14th – 18th of December 2021 (Online event)

BETT Powering learning

BETT Powering Learning is a worldwide educational technology conference. During the three-day conference, attendees will be immersed in inspiring content, meet with educators from across the world, and see breakthrough products in action. There will be debates on global issues such as new ideas in teaching and learning technology, educational center equipment, and management methods for institutions. Signing up for multiple 1:1 meetings with investors and telling them about your idea is a smart option for EdTech startups. One-one meetings are held to link solution providers with people who are interested in learning more about their products and to swiftly conduct successful educational campaigns.

Scheduled date of event: 19th – 21st of January 2022

Startup Grind

The Startup Grind conference welcomes both emerging and more established large-scale businesses. Exhibitions, seminars, speaker performances, Q&A sessions with investors, individual meetings, and networking are all on the agenda for the participants. Growing and developing startups will have the chance to meet with investors and mentors to discuss their projects. Seminars on fundraising, sales, marketing, leadership, and management will be offered to participants. Workshops and educational content can assist you in generating new startup company ideas. Startups will be able to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts from event sponsors.

Scheduled date of event: 28th February – 2nd March 2022


Collision is nicknamed “The Olympics of Tech” since it is North America’s fastest-growing annual tech conference. It’s a place where you can obtain practical advice and inspiration from the world’s greatest technologists, policymakers, and cultural personalities. The event was hosted online for the last two years, but organizers are planning an offline return in 2022. A total of 38,500 people are expected to attend. the startup conference Collision will blend the influential global speakers, mass media, and top technology companies.

Scheduled date of event: 20th – 23rd t of June 2022

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