UST Secures Best AI Innovation Award at GAISA

UST, a global digital transformation solutions provider, secures the prestigious “Best AI Innovation” award at GAISA. With core values rooted in Humility, Humanity, and Integrity, UST has maintained an average client tenure of over 13 years, reflecting its client-centric ethos.

The recognized Alpha Generative AI Suite, SmartOps, is a transformative ecosystem automating coding services in software development. SmartGenie, its Generative AI capability, revolutionizes IT operations, offering real-time incident overviews, accelerated root cause analysis, and intelligent issue resolution recommendations, setting a new standard for IT observability.

UST’s impactful work in the telecom sector, leveraging data-driven solutions for new line order cancellations and long-term customer churn, demonstrates the tangible outcomes of their approach. Looking ahead, UST plans to leverage Generative AI for diverse industry challenges, aligning with its commitment to being an outcome-driven solution partner.

This GAISA award recognizes UST’s leadership and innovation in AI-driven solutions, reaffirming its position as a global player in digital transformation.

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