Wi-Fi Halow : promises up to 1 km range

The next innovation in Wi-Fi will enable a long-range connection of up to 1 kilometer while using much less power. The advantages are being touted for Wi-Fi HaLow, which has now been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, a worldwide network of companies that provides Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi HaLow was developed in response to the significant increase in the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As IoT applications grow in industries and homes, an increasing number of devices must remain constantly linked to the Internet. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi HaLow appears to be an inventive answer to that criterion, one that “eclipses existing options.”

When compared to existing Wi-Fi, the new type of Wi-Fi offers considerable battery power savings and can establish connections up to one kilometer distant from the source. Wi-Fi HaLow also draws on existing Wi-Fi protocols and is compatible with existing Wi-Fi devices. This is a significant advantage since it would not necessitate the adoption of any new Wi-Fi connection techniques or proprietary technologies. It is simple to scale in the existing configuration.

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