YouTube Playables Now Available for Android, iOS, and Web Users: Here’s How to Use It

New Delhi – May 29, 2024, 15:47 IST

  • YouTube Playables are now accessible on Android, iOS, and web platforms for playing lightweight games within the YouTube app without extra downloads.
  • Over 75 diverse games are available, including popular titles like “Angry Birds Showdown” and “Cut The Rope,” across various categories.
  • Initially rolling out to select users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, the Playables feature will expand to more regions soon.

YouTube has expanded its Playables feature to Android, iOS, and web platforms following an initial testing phase. This new feature allows users to play lightweight games directly within the YouTube app, adding a new layer of entertainment to the platform.

YouTube Playables

YouTube Playables offers free-to-play, lightweight games that are integrated within the YouTube app. Accessible without additional downloads or installations, these games enhance the interactive experience of the platform. According to Google, Playables is a “fun, interactive way to experience YouTube,” bringing a new dimension to the platform’s entertainment offerings.

Currently, over 75 games are available, covering a wide range of categories such as Action, Sports, Brain & Puzzle, Arcade, RPG & Strategy, Board & Card, Trivia & Word, and Simulation. Some popular titles include “Angry Birds Showdown,” “Cut The Rope,” and “Trivia Crack.”

How to Use Playables

To start playing Playables, users can find these games on the YouTube Home page in a dedicated carousel. They can also be accessed through the new Playables destination page, available via the Explore menu under the Podcasts hub. Clicking on any game card will launch the game instantly.

The interface above each game includes options for exiting, muting or unmuting audio, saving the game, and accessing additional options via an overflow menu. YouTube Premium users can continue playing videos in the background with game audio muted, while non-premium users will experience the game audio by default.

Availability and Supported Devices

Currently, YouTube Playables are available as part of an experimental rollout to select users in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. The feature will expand to more users over the coming months. While not all users in these regions may immediately see the Playables section on YouTube, some may still access them through shareable links unique to each game.

YouTube Playables Supported Devices

To enjoy YouTube Playables, users need the latest version of the YouTube app and a supported device. The specific requirements are:

  • Android Devices: YouTube app version 18.33 or higher, running on Android S and above, or Android O, P, Q, R on 64-bit or high-memory 32-bit devices.
  • iOS Devices: YouTube app version 18.33 or higher, running on iOS 14 and above.
  • Desktop Web: Supported on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

No additional hardware or software is needed, but a stable Wi-Fi connection or data plan is required to play these games.

YouTube Playables marks an exciting addition to the platform, providing users with a diverse range of gaming options directly within the YouTube environment. As this feature rolls out more broadly, it promises to further enrich the user experience.

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