Zoop Introduces Google Chatbot for Seamless Train Food Delivery Experience

Zoop, an IRCTC-approved train food delivery partner, has recently unveiled a new Google Chatbot service for food delivery on trains. This innovative feature allows railway passengers to conveniently place food orders, track their PNR status, and monitor their orders within the chat interface itself. By introducing this user-friendly and comprehensive solution, Zoop aims to enhance the dining experience for train travelers while eliminating the need for separate apps or websites. Additionally, users can register complaints and receive AI assistance for quick resolution.

To access and use the Zoop Google Chat, follow these simple instructions:

Open the Google search bar.

Type “Zoop” and hit enter.

Click on the “Chat with a live agent” option to open a pop-up chat window.

Once you’re in the chat interface, you can select the specific service you require.

If you want to check your PNR status, click on “Check PNR Status.” To order food, click on “Order Food.

After selecting the “Order Food” option, you can browse through a wide variety of meal options, including full-course meals, snacks, and drinks.

Choose your desired items from the menu and place your order.

One of the key advantages of this service is the ability for users to track the progress of their orders in real-time. This ensures transparency and allows passengers to anticipate when their meals will be delivered.

Puneet Sharma, the founder of Zoop, emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing customers with quality meals from a diverse range of options. “Zoop not only offers convenience but also flexibility, as travelers can choose to order anything from a light snack to a full meal. With the introduction of the Google chatbot, passengers no longer have to compromise between pantry car snacks or waiting until disembarking the train to enjoy a satisfying meal,” he said.

Currently, Zoop delivers food directly to the passenger’s seat across over 150 train stations in India. However, the platform has set ambitious goals for expansion. By 2024, Zoop aims to deliver 1 lac (100,000) meals daily at 250+ railway stations across the country. This commitment to growth reflects Zoop’s dedication to providing quality food and excellent service to an increasing number of train travelers.

Zoop’s introduction of the Google Chatbot for food delivery on trains marks an important milestone in enhancing the dining experience for railway passengers. By offering a seamless and user-friendly interface, Zoop aims to make the process of ordering food and tracking orders more convenient and efficient. With its wide range of meal options and plans for expansion, Zoop is poised to become a leading provider of train food delivery services in India.

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