A 10 day roll back if windows 11 isn’t to your liking.

Do windows 11 serve enough to the plate for its users to forget windows 10? Ever since the release of windows 11 preview, Microsoft users find it strenuous to accept.

The tech giants have queued the final version of windows 11 release later this year. Users are getting enough time to watch whether the new OS outshines the previous version. But if you are enthusiastic about experiencing the new features with a brand-new UI, go ahead with installing the preview version of windows 11 without the fear of getting stuck there forever.

This time, Microsoft intends to provide a 10-day window to roll back between Windows 10 & Windows 11 upgrades, in case if you fell in love with windows 10 again and wish to patch up. Within this 10-day period, users can experience the new OS and go back to windows 10 at any time while retaining all the data and settings. However, if you decided to go back after this 10 day roll back period, you will require a clean install of windows 10. Microsoft never thought of allowing a roll back window for OS upgrades before.

Microsoft also has decided to support windows 10 until 2025 or may be beyond depends on the adoption of the next generation OS among users.

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