Super-fast Solar Strom will hit Earth disrupting cellphone and GPS signals

According to a report by space, a supersonic solar storm is coming to Earth at a very high speed of 1.6 million kilometers which will hit the earth on Sunday or Monday as claimed by NASA. The storm has emerged from the sun and thus it is very powerful. It is suspected that the solar storm will have a significant impact on the whole region of space that is under Earth’s magnetic field.

Along with this, a high-speed stream of solar wind is too expected to hit the Earth’s magnetic field today. The speed of these winds flowing from the equatorial hole of the sun’s atmosphere can go up to 500km/s. This geomagnetic unrest can spark high latitude Auroras giving a fascinating view full of celestial lighting to the people staying at the North and the South Poles.

The solar storm is suspected of interfering with the working of satellites and causing a direct effect. This can lead to disruptions in GPS Navigation, Mobile Network Signals and Television Network Signals. Not only this, high power current in the power lines might blow electricity transformers. All these facts are confirmed and started by the US Space Agency NASA.

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