Around 5 million youngsters to be skilled in robotics by 2022..!


Leading tech companies are in a steady race to rewrite the way robotics are executed in industries and people’s everyday lives. The innovations taking place in the robotic industry will lead us to an exciting future. The robots are going to be an integral part of our future..!! Governments and other organizations out there now need to focus on providing the right robotic skills necessary to work in the future.Very few countries are taking the bull by the horns when it comes to tailoring education systems for the age of automation, fortunately, India is one among those countries.

Re-training the existing workforce to get them familiar with robotics is one way but we must have a far better strategy that begins from the roots of the education system. Government agencies can collaborate with industry partners and other organizations to shape programs that prepare new workers to thrive in a technology-driven world.

The government itself initiated various programs to provide required robotic skills to the next generation. Around 5 million youngsters are expected to be skilled in robotics by the year 2022. Organizations such as the All India Council for robotics and automation enhanced their hands-on delivering a skilled workforce ready for future markets with several initiatives.

AICRA’s Robotic skill centre program is such an ambitious initiative that aims to train and certify 1.5 million learners by Dec 2021. As per the program, Computer centres with good infrastructure can be upgraded into robotic skill centres with the guidance of AICRA. The RSC’s can endorse courses and certified programs by AICRA and the national productivity council. The non-profit organisation furthermore favours schools and other educational institutes that are interested to include robotics in their curriculum, by setting up an NxR robotics and AI lab certified by AICRA. The idea is to promote the blending of futuristic technologies in elementary education itself.

The world economic forum predicts that by 2022,no fewer than 54 percent of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling. India has started the journey to bring a responsible workforce with the required skills.

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