Former Nazara CTO Vamsi Talasila joins RESET TECH as co-founder and CTO

He will spearhead the company’s product and technology initiative

At RESET TECH, he will work alongside other co-founders Karan Talreja and Luke Coutinho and take part in the leadership and decision making of the startup.

Former CTO of Nazara Technologies Ltd, Vamsi Talasila has joined health-tech firm RESET TECH (K&L Wellness Technology Pvt. Ltd) as co-founder and CTO. Talasila’s new responsibilities will include developing the company’s technology platform and expanding its global operations. He will also lead the company’s product and technology initiatives, beginning with product development and progressing to AI platform development and digital innovation.

“Given Vamsi’s vast experience in technology product innovation and corporate strategy makes him the right fit for the position. His deep technology expertise and knowledge will provide the impetus for rapid growth enabling us to achieve our vision to become a leading health-tech brand,” Karan Talreja, co-founder, K&L Wellness Technology, said.

Talasila brings nearly two decades of experience in developing greenfield technology platforms that drive technological transformation across multiple industry domains. He has also held several leadership positions at companies such as Contec Global, Telesoft Neutek, Tata Teleservices, and XIUS.

Talasila spent nearly ten years at Nazara, where he built technology platforms and strategized digital initiatives. He saw a great opportunity and potential in the health sector with Covid, so he moved to a health-tech start-up. At RESET TECH, he will collaborate with other co-founders Karan Talreja and Luke Coutinho, as well as participate in the startup’s leadership and decision-making.

“I want to use the power of technological innovation to solve real-world health problems and in turn create a high growth trajectory in the health-tech ecosystem. My prior experience will help me to drive the company’s vision of creating a digitally enabled robust technology platform and making it a user’s first choice brand for global impact,” Talasila said.

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