Google Chrome Will Soon Block Hacking Attempts on Your Network

New Delhi | February 20, 2024 09:39 am IST

Google is gearing up to introduce a new security feature for Chrome aimed at thwarting hacking attempts on devices connected to users’ private networks, such as printers and routers.

Despite the common assumption that devices within a home network are shielded from cyberattacks due to their indirect connection to the internet, malicious actors often exploit vulnerabilities to gain control over unsecured devices.

To address this security loophole, Google has announced the development of a new functionality named ‘Private network access checks for navigation requests.’ This feature, listed on the Chrome Platform Status page, will scrutinize website requests attempting to access devices on the user’s private network and verify if they originate from trusted sources.

Initially, the feature will issue warnings to users upon detecting requests from untrusted sources to prevent potential disruptions. However, Google plans to automate the blocking of such requests once the feature is fully developed. Notably, this functionality specifically targets navigation requests.

In the event of a blocked request, Chrome will display an error message labeled ‘BLOCKED_BY_PRIVATE_NETWORK_ACCESS_CHECKS.’ Users will have the option to bypass the block by manually refreshing the page. While the feature currently lacks a dedicated Chrome flag, it is slated to be available on both Android and desktop versions of Chrome with the release of Chrome 123.

Google’s initiative comes amidst a series of recent updates to Chrome, including the integration of an AI-powered tab organizer, a writing assistant, and a custom background generator, aimed at enhancing user experience and bolstering security measures.


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