Apple Is Working On An AI-Powered Tool To Help Developers Write Code: Report

Updated: FEBRUARY 16, 2024, 4:55 pm IST

Apple is reportedly delving into the realm of artificial intelligence to develop a tool aimed at aiding developers in writing software code more efficiently, according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

The tool, similar to Microsoft’s Copilot, is designed to assist developers in completing lines and blocks of code based on the initial segments typed by the developer. Expected to be integrated into Apple’s Xcode software, the tool could potentially streamline the coding process for developers and enhance productivity. Sources suggest that Apple may introduce this feature as early as this year.

While Apple offers its Xcode software for free to software developers, there is an annual fee of $99 for submitting apps to its app stores.

In addition to the AI-powered code completion tool, Bloomberg’s report indicates that Apple is exploring other AI-driven features across its product lineup. These potential features include automatic creation of Apple Music playlists and slide decks in its business presentation software. Moreover, a new iteration of Apple’s “Spotlight” search feature could reportedly offer deeper integration with apps, allowing users to control specific app functionalities directly from the search interface.

Apple has yet to officially comment on these reports, but the purported developments underscore the tech giant’s ongoing efforts to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance user experiences and productivity across its ecosystem.

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