Google Launches Gemini 1.5 Generative AI Model: Here’s What It Can Do

Updated: FEBRUARY 16, 2024, 16:08 pm IST

Mountain View, California, USA: Google has swiftly unveiled Gemini 1.5, its latest Large Language Model (LLM), just two months after the release of Gemini 1.0, introducing a host of significant improvements. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the latest enhancements.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai hails Gemini 1.5 as a milestone, boasting “dramatic improvements across a number of dimensions,” while achieving comparable quality to Gemini 1.0 Ultra, the tech giant’s most advanced LLM, with reduced computational resources.

One of the notable advancements in Gemini 1.5 is its breakthrough in long-context understanding, enabling the model to process up to 1 million tokens consistently, setting a new benchmark for large-scale foundation models.

Gemini 1.5: What’s New?

  • Enhanced Architecture: The Gemini 1.5 model introduces a new Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) architecture, enhancing efficiency and ease of deployment.
  • Release and Performance: Initially, Google is rolling out the 1.5 Pro version for early testing, offering performance akin to 1.0 Ultra. The standard version boasts a 128,000 token context window, while select developers and enterprises can experiment with a context window of up to 1 million tokens.
  • Efficiency: Built on Transformer and MoE architecture, Gemini 1.5 exhibits increased efficiency, with MoE models structured into smaller “expert” neural networks.
  • Context Understanding: Gemini 1.5 demonstrates significant improvements in understanding context, capable of processing vast amounts of information in a single instance. According to Google, it can handle extensive data inputs such as video, audio, codebases, or text, including successful tests with up to 10 million tokens.

Google underscores the practicality of Gemini 1.5 by highlighting its ability to summarize extensive content like novels or research articles, including detailed comprehension for subsequent questioning.

The launch of Gemini 1.5 underscores Google’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities, offering powerful tools for enterprises and developers to harness transformative technology for various applications. With its enhanced architecture and expanded capabilities, Gemini 1.5 represents a significant leap forward in generative AI models, promising innovative solutions for complex data processing tasks.

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