Indian users can register for covid 19 vaccination through google search

Indian users can register for covid 19 vaccination through google search

Google Search, Google Maps, and the Google Voice Assistants will now provide Covid-19 vaccine-related information to Indian users. Google announced that Covid-19 vaccination-related information, including vaccine availability, pricing, and more, would be displayed on Google Search and Google Maps. Users can locate the nearest vaccination centre and reserve a time slot. Covid-19 is still causing havoc in some regions of the world, and the only way to limit the virus’s spread is to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Google said that from this week, it would display information on the availability of appointment slots at each location, vaccines, and dosages available, pricing expectations (paid or free), and a link to the Cowin website for bookings.

Simply search “Covid vaccination near me” into Google Search to discover information about your local vacation centre. Google will then display a list of hospitals with covid-19 vaccination slots, from which you may choose the one nearest to you. Then, under the “Book appointment” page, you may schedule your first or second Covid-19 dose.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a priority within our communities, vaccines remain one of our biggest protections. Nationwide vaccination drives are in full swing, and as more people look to get vaccinated, their requirements for information continue to evolve: finding vaccine availability by location, specific information about vaccination services offered, and details on appointment availability are increasingly important to know. As people continue to seek information related to the pandemic to manage their lives around it, we remain committed to finding and sharing authoritative and timely information across our platforms,” said Hema Budaraju, Director, Google Search said in a statement.

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