In general dangerous and difficult jobs are done by industrial robots. They are designed to perform such repetitive and dangerous work, which may risk human life when performed by a human being.

The repetitive job when performed by a human being can vary in quality from time-to-time but the same kind of job, when performed by a machine, will give the accurate quality of performance. In such robots, the performance of robotic action is best and gives the result which is perfect in all respect.

To make the result perfect and accurate the robots are inbuilt with good software and hardware. Thus, the use of a robotic mechanism in the industrial sector increases the productivity of the industry. Such robots finally add to the profitability of the company, which implements robotic action in the production unit.

The most common types of industrial robots are as follows:

  • Gantry robots
  • SCARA robots
  • Articulated robots

Gantry robots

A gantry robot is used to perform a job with the aid of two X axes. The additional X axes in this robot help to increase the accuracy of its performance. The additional arm also aids the robot to handle heavy loads and increases efficiency in moving and packaging loads.

They are capable of moving and handling components weighing to several tones with extreme accuracy. So, they are placed and installed in places where heavy work is required.

SCARA robots

Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA) SCARA is faster and cleaner robots, which performs its task with complete accuracy and cleanliness. The arms of SCARA robots are much similar to human arms. The arms of SCARA robots are based on a series of architecture, which set according to the work required.

This robot grants high speed and high accuracy to the work performed by it. This is because of its arm structure and beltless structure.This kind of robot is used in electric equipment manufacturing company and also in the automobile industry where high accuracy and exact fitting of the material is a must.

Articulated robots

This is typically nicknamed as industrial robots with proper legging and a leg like architecture in its structural making. This robot is made of arms and legs ranging from two joints to ten joints in number. This robot is also powered with motors for performing its job. Due to joints in its arm and legs, the robot can perform its job with complete flexibility. So, we can also say that this robot is a very flexible robot.


Industrial robots are made according to the work performed by the robots. For example, the robots working in an electrical equipment industry will have small arms and the robots working in heavy load movement will have a large and robust arm. So, creation and designing of the robot in the industrial sector are done according to the work performed by them.

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