The View once – Snapchat like feature to be soon added to WhatsApp Beta for IOS

WhatsApp is introducing a lot of new features in its IOS Beta version revolutionizing the messaging experience completely. One of these features is the view-once through which users can share their photos and videos with an ability to make them disappear once they are viewed by other users just like Snapchat. These pictures and videos will be shared by in-app notifications which again is not what WhatsApp usually does.

For WhatsApp Beta IOS users, the feature will be available with v2.21.140.9 update as reported by WABetaInfo. Once the feature will be updated, pictures and videos will not be stored locally in the viewer’s devices, and once viewed they will disappear from receivers’ app data. The shared files will be restricted forever neither allowing the sender nor the receiver to retrieve them.

Though this feature is quite similar to Snapchat, WhatsApp will not notify the sender when the receiver will take a screenshot of disappearing photos as Snapchat did. Thus WhatsApp will not be as safe as Snapchat in preventing
the capture of screenshots as of now. Though a lot of improvement is expected from future updates.

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