Portal launched by Dr. Jitendra Singh (Minister of State, Science & Technology) for Tech Startups

AICRA launched (Global Resource of Automation Projects & Enterprise Solutions) portal, a marketplace  for tech companies and startups to provide consultancy and solutions to MSMEs and corporates. The inaugural  announcement has been made by Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State, Science & Technology, Earth Science, and  Government of India. 

The portal would register domain experts of various technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality,  IoT, Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation, Data Science, Machine Learning etc., who could provide consultancy  to MSMEs and corporates, interested to use new technologies in their processes to increase productivity and reduce  cost. Further they can also look for project making and its execution.  

“On fast pace our MSMEs can come out from traditional approach and start using new technologies and scale up  very fast. Also, it would help Tech Startups to get more clients and business” said Rajkumar Sharma, President of  AICRA. 

GRAPES targets to provide services to 1 million MSMEs in year 2022 that includes Healthcare, Agriculture, Smart  Cities, Smart Mobility, Manufacturing, BFSI, Education, Automobile, Aviation, Chemical, Electric Utilization,  Consumer Products, Metals, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Telecommunication, Waste Water industries. Features: 

  • Tech Experts of various technologies can list themselves as consultant without any charges
  • Startups can list their ready solutions which can solve industry problems
  • 18+ Industries can request for customized solution as per their requirement and consultant, startups can bid for that
  • After initial consultancy, industries can also look for project making and project execution from solution providers.

All further details regarding GRAPES will be updated on the official website

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